Here are a variety of pictures of the group at various times. As you scroll down you will see: 1) The group of former and current students and post-docs who assembled in March 2001 for a small meeting on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Problem Solving, which took place just before Susan gave a 50th birthday party for me. 2) In November 2007, there was a Gala Dinner to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering. Our group had two tables -- the best representation of any of the celebrants. 3) A photo of David Cox and me the day that I gave the Astor Lecture in Oxford. 4) The post-Astor dinner with Kai Lorenzen, Leah Johnson, Bobby Gramacy, Mike Bonsall, and Tiffany Bogich. 5) Ray Hilborn holding a copy of our book and me holding the Hendricks banjo that I bought by him giving me the $3000 of his royalties (that's why he is first author). 6) The group at our start of the year retreat and meeting in Cambria at the Ken Norris Rancho Marino reserve. This is the 2004 retreat. 7) The 2007 retreat. 8) The 2008 retreat. 9) Our dress up meal in 1999. 10) The one in 1998, at the Brookdale Lodge. 11) A Memorial Day potluck at our house, in 2001. 12) The Mangel lab East, having a meal hosted by Steve Munch and Sarah Newkirk. 13) Us at the Mote Symposium in 2004. 14) On a visit to Washington University in 2004, with Mike Rosenzweig, Jonathan Losos, and Leon Blaustein. 15) At a reunion dinner during the ESA meeting in 2007. 16) With my second PhD student, Spiro Stefanou, at Penn State in June 2008