I consulted over the years to the following organizations:

Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo, BC, Canada 1982-83

Office of the President, Center for Naval Analyses, 1982-1991

Mediation Institute, Seattle, WA (Eggs and Larvae Panel), 1985-87

California Department of Fish and Game, 1985 and 1990

Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, Hobart, Tasmania, 1987-89

Committee of Scientific Advisors on Marine Mammals, U.S. Marine Mammal Commission, 1989-1995

Marine Resources Assessment Group (MRAG) Americas, 2000-.

Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, 2018 -

In 2010, I was asked by the government of Australia to serve as the Independent Scientific expert witness in their case in the International Court of Justice concerning the Japanese scientific whaling program in the Antarctic. More details on that are given in my publications about the case.