It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read; the text that they never forget.

Abraham Joshua Heschel. 1966. The Insecurity of Freedom. Jewish Publication Society

I no longer teach formal courses. Here are some links to material in recent years:

AMS 216 Stochastic Differential Equations

AMS 215 Stochastic Modeling in Biology

I also taught this course in Spring 2013. This link takes you to the videos of the lectures.

AMS 290 Graduate Seminar: Doing Policy Relevant Science and Engineering

In Fall term 2011, I taught AMS 285, which is a graduate seminar in career skills and professional preparation.

In Spring term 2007-08 I taught AMS 214 Introduction to Dynamical Systems

In Fall term 2009-10 I taught AMS/ECON 11A Mathematical Methods for Economists I

In Winter term 2010-11, I taught AMS/ECON 11B Mathematical Methods for Economists II

Other material

Ecology Problem Book, 5th Edition

Field Projects Book, 1st Edition


Quantitative Methods: The Reality

But to paraphrase Mr Truman, if you can't stand algebra, keep out of evolutionary biology.
John Maynard Smith. 1998. Evolutionary Genetics. 2nd edition. Oxford University Press

Most of the major advances in evolutionary biology over the last few decades have come from quantitative statements, many of which involve only elementary algebra or the most basic theorems of calculus...The rewards of mathematical theory can be enormous, particularly when what looks like mind-boggling complexity collapses into a relatively simple formulation.

Michael Lynch and Bruce Walsh. 1998. Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits. Sinauer Associates