Overall theme of the research program

Since moving to UC Davis in 1980, my overall objective has been to run a research group working in mathematical and theoretical biology, with a focus on ecology, evolution, and behavior and the broad goal of combining first-rate basic science with important applied questions, which Donald Stokes called Pasteur's Quadrant. My students, post-docs, and I use mathematical methods to solve problems in biological and ecological science (rather than problems in biological and ecological science to motivate mathematical studies). The tools are models (differential equations, stochastic dynamic programming and Bayesian statistical methods), experiments (currently either in Santa Cruz or in collaboration with colleagues elsewhere) and field observations. I have applied these ideas to a variety of systems, currently including insect parasitoids and tephritid fruit flies, southern ocean krill, steelhead trout, Pacific rockfish, and planaria. My students and post-docs have worked on a wide variety of species and systems including kangaroo rats and their predators, beach strawberries, sticklebacks, preying mantids, and anchovy and sardines

Plenary and invited lectures in the last dozen years or so

"Ecology, Conservation and Public Policy: A Vision for the 21st Century", Toyota-ANU Public Lecture, Crawford School of the Environment, Australian National University, March 2009. You can see the lecture on Australian Slow TV or directly here Part 1 Part 2 The talk

"Doing Policy Relevant Science, Understanding Policy Relevant Science: The Essential Tension", Keynote Address, 2009 Fenner Conference on the Environment, Australian Academy of Sciences, March 2009 The talk

"Management Strategy Evaluation for Seal Conservation", Invited Talk, Science Session, Special Committee on Seals, July 2009

"Tools for large scale (ecosystem-based) and long-term (evolutionary) environmental risk assessment in the marine environment", Okeanos Workshop on Assessing the Cumulative Impacts of Underwater Noise with Other Anthropogenic Stressors on Marine Mammals , August 2009

Lamberson Ecology Lecturer Series, Humboldt State University, February 2010: "Combining Life History Theory, Experiments, and Field Studies in Setting River Flows for California Steelhead" (Video link ) The talk and "Doing Policy Relevant Science; Understanding Policy Relevant Science: The Essential Tension" (Video link )

Keynote Speaker, In Honour of Dr. Colin Clark: Developments and Challenges in Fisheries Economics, University of British Columbia, May 2012

Testimony at the International Court of Justice in the case "Whaling in the Antarctic: Australia v. Japan. New Zealand Intervening", June 2013. Video link.

Ectotherms in Changing Environments: Working in Pastuer's Quadrant. Stonybrook University, November 2013 (Video link )

NOAA Fisheries QUEST Seminar 'A Perspective on Steepness and Its Applications', February 2014 (Video link )

Science, Whaling, and Scientific Whaling in the International Court of Justice, Bevan Lecture, University of Washington, January 2015 (Video link )

Inaugural Speaker, Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, February 2016

Invited Speaker, Sackler Colloquium on Coupled Human-Natural Systems National Academy of Sciences, March 2016

Opening Speaker, Pacific Fisheries Management Council Workshop on Productivity, Seattle, December 2016

Winter 2017, I was Glaser Professor in the Department of Biology at Florida International University. While there, I gave five talks (in addition to one about the whaling case): Thoughts on Modeling in Biology, Ten Principles from Evolutionary Ecology Essential for Marine Conservation, State Dependent Behavioral Theory for Assessing the Population Consequences of Disturbance, The Evolutionary Ecology of Offspring Number and investment, and Invasion Biology and the Success of Social Networks

A few of other talks, given as seminars at research institutions:

The Evolutionary Ecology of Offspring Number and Size

State Dependent Life History Theory and Stem Cell Biology

Ectotherms in Changing Environments. Working in Pasteur's Quadrant

Of Flour Beetles and Wikipedians

Southern Ocean Krill, Krill Predators, and Krill Fishery Management in a Changing Climate