I have written a number of books (Decision and Control in Uncertain Resource Systems, Academic Press, 1985; Dynamic Modeling in Behavioral Ecology, Princeton University Press, 1988) [ Russian edition: Dinamicheskie modeli v ekologii povedeniya. Moscow, Mir Publishers, 1992] and edited a number of others (Resource Management Springer Verlag, 1985; Pest Control: Operations and Systems Analysis in Fruit Fly Management, Springer Verlag, 1986;Sex Allocation and Sex Change: Experiments and Models. Lectures on Mathematics in the Life Sciences, Volume 22 American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1990).

The most recent ones are are:

The Ecological Detective. Confronting Models with Data, Princeton University Press, 1997. Learn more about this book.

Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology. Methods and Applications. Oxford University Press, 2000. Learn more about this book.

The Theoretical Biologist's Toolbox. Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Cambridge University Press, 2006. Learn more about this book.