CMPS 261 Winter 2019 Final Projects

Project Awards:

1st Place:

Human Health Data Visualization
Zekun Zhao

2nd Place:

Visualizing Dark Matter Halo Merger Trees
Felipe Ardila

Rip Current Detection: A Machine Learning Approach
Akila de Silva

Visualization of a Somatosensitive Actuator
Dongshuo Li

Visualization of Memory Reuse in Immutable Stacks and Lists
Evan Olds

Visualization of Air Pollution caused by a Wildfire
Hou-I Lin

Visualizing the Uncertainties of Probabilistic Soft Logic With a Graphical Model
Jason Ting

Inventory Management Visualization
Nidhi Shah

An Interactive Visual Comparison System for Air Quality Data
Rongwen Zhao

Visualization of encoder-decoder structure of Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Xiaohan Zhang

DocuVis: Interactive Document Clustering and Visualization with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Alan Peral Ortiz

Trung Nguyen