Publication list

Selected publications (my own favourites) are marked in boldface. See the ADS for a complete publication list including all conference proceedings.

Refereed Journal Publications and significant conference proceedings (marked CP)

----------------- 2015 -----------------

  • P. Garaud, B. Gallet and T. Bischoff, 2015, "The stability of stratified shear spatially periodic shear flows at low Peclet number", Physics of Fluids, accepted, (ADS Link)
  • R. Moll and P. Garaud, 2015, "A new model for mixing by double-diffusive convection (semi-convection) III. Thermal and compositional transport through non-layered ODDC", ApJ, submitted, (ADS Link)
  • K. Moore and P. Garaud, 2015, "Main Sequence evolution with layered semiconvection", ApJ, submitted, (ADS Link)
  • P. Garaud, M. Medrano, C. Mankovich, J. Brown, K. Moore, 2015, " Excitation of gravity waves by fingering convection, and the formation of compositional staircases in stellar interiors", ApJ, in press (ADS Link)

----------------- 2014 -----------------

  • V. Zemskova, P. Garaud, M. Deal and S. Vauclair, 2014, " Fingering convection induced by atomic diffusion in stars: 3D numerical computations and applications to stellar models", ApJ, 795, 118 (ADS Link)
  • M. Medrano, P. Garaud, and S. Stellmach, 2014, " Double-diffusive mixing in stellar interiors in the presence of horizontal gradients , ApJ, 792, L30 (ADS Link)

----------------- 2013 -----------------

  • CP: P. Garaud, 2013, " Double-diffusive convection", EAS Publication Series, 63, pp. 285-295, (ADS Link)
  • R. L. F. Oglethorpe and P. Garaud, 2013, " Spin-down dynamics of magnetized solar-type stars , ApJ, 778, 166 (ADS Link)
  • L. A. Acevedo-Arreguin, P. Garaud and T.S. Wood, 2013, "Dynamics of the solar tachocline III : Numerical solutions of the Gough and McIntyre Model ", MNRAS, 434, 720 (ADS link)
  • J. Brown, P. Garaud and S. Stellmach, 2013, " Chemical Transport and Spontaneous Layer Formation in Fingering Convection in Astrophysics ", ApJ, 768, 34 (ADS link)
  • T. S. Wood, P. Garaud and S. Stellmach, 2013, " A new model for mixing by double-diffusive convection (semi-convection). II. The transport of heat and composition through layers ", ApJ, 768, 157 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, F. Meru, M. Galvagni, and C. Olczak, 2013, "From dust to planetesimals: an improved model for collisional growth in protoplanetary disks ", ApJ, 764, 146 (ADS link)

----------------- 2012 -----------------

  • G. Mirouh, P. Garaud, S. Stellmach, A. Traxler and T. Wood, 2012. " A new model for mixing by double-diffusive convection (semi-convection): I. The conditions for layer formation", ApJ, 750, 61 (ADS link)

----------------- 2011 -----------------

  • T. Wood, J. McCaslin, & P. Garaud, 2011. "The Sun's Meridional Circulation and Interior Magnetic Field", ApJ, 738, 47 (ADS Link)
  • A. Traxler, S. Stellmach, P. Garaud, T. Radko & N. Brummell, 2011. "Dynamics of fingering convection I: small-scale fluxes and large-scale instabilities", JFM, 677, 530 (ADS Link)
  • S. Stellmach, A. Traxler, P. Garaud, N. Brummell & T. Radko, 2011. "Dynamics of fingering convection II: the formation of thermohaline staircases", JFM, 677, 554 (ADS Link)
  • E. Rosenblum, P. Garaud, A. Traxler & S. Stellmach, 2011. " Turbulent mixing and layer formation in double-diffusive convection: 3D numerical simulations and theory ", ApJ, 731, 66 (ADS link)
  • A. Traxler, P. Garaud, & S. Stellmach, 2011. "Numerically determined transportlaws for fingering ("thermohaline") convection in astrophysics ", ApJ, 728, L29, (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 2011. "What happened to the other Mohicans? The case for a primordial origin to the planet-metallicity connection ", ApJ, 728, L30 (ADS link)

----------------- 2010 -----------------

  • P. Garaud, G. I. Ogilvie, N. Miller & S. Stellmach. "A model of the entropy flux and Reynolds stress in turbulent convection.", 2010, MNRAS, 407, 2451-2467 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud & P. Bodenheimer. "Gyroscopic pumping of large-scale flows in stellar interiors, and application to Lithium Dip stars", 2010, ApJ, 719, 313-334 (ADS link)

----------------- 2009 -----------------

  • K. Kretke, D.N.C. Lin, P. Garaud & N. Turner, 2009. "Assembling the building blocks of giant planets around intermediate-mass stars", ApJ, 690, 407 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud & C. Guervilly, 2009. "The rotation rate of the solar radiative zone", ApJ, 695, 799 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud & L. Acevedo-Arreguin, 2009. "On the Penetration of Meridional Circulation below the Solar Convection Zone II: Models with Convection Zone, the Taylor-Proudman constraint and Applications to Other Stars.", ApJ, 704, 1-16 (ADS link)

----------------- 2008 -----------------

  • P. Garaud & N. H. Brummell, 2008. "On the penetration of meridional circulation below the solar convection zone", ApJ, 674, 498 (ADS link)
    • Erratum: typo in equation (30). d2u/ dy2dz2 should of course be d4u/ dy2dz2
  • P. Garaud & J.-D. Garaud, 2008. "Dynamics of the solar tachocline II: the stratified case", MNRAS, 391, 1239-1258 (ADS link)
    • Erratum: typo in the last equation of (C4) in the Appendix (for J). T2n-1 should be T2n-2.

----------------- 2007 -----------------

  • P. Garaud & D.N.C. Lin, 2007. "The effect of internal dissipation and surface irradiation on the structure of disks and the location of the snow line around Sun-like stars", ApJ, 654, 606-624 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 2007. "Growth and migration of solids in evolving protostellar disks I: Methods and Analytical tests", ApJ, 671, 209 (ADS link)
    • Erratum: typo in equation (76). dMp/dt should be dMp/dT.
  • P. Garaud, 2007. "Constraints on angular momentum transport in the Sun from simulations of the tachocline", Astronomische Nachricthen, 328, 1146-1149. Special edition for the proceedings of the 5th Potsdam Thinkshop on Meridional Flows, Differential Rotation, and Solar and Stellar Activity, (ADS link)

----------------- 2006 and earlier -----------------

  • P. Garaud & G. I. Ogilvie, 2005. "A model for the nonlinear dynamics of turbulent shear flows ", JFM, 530, 145-176 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, L. Barriere-Fouchet, D. N. C. Lin, 2004. "Individual and collective behavior of dust particles in a protoplanetary nebula", ApJ, 603, 292-306 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud & D.N.C. Lin, 2004. " On the evolution and stability of a protoplanetary disk dust layer", ApJ, 608, 1050-1075 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 2002. "On rotationally driven meridional flows in stars", MNRAS, 335, 707-711 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 2002. "Dynamics of the solar tachocline: an incompressible study", MNRAS, 329, 1-17 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 2001. "Latitudinal shear instability in the solar tachocline", MNRAS, 324, 68-76 (ADS link)
  • P. Garaud, 1999. "Propagation of a dynamo field in the solar interior", MNRAS, 304, 583-588 (ADS link)

Book Chapters

  • "Dynamics of the solar tachocline", Garaud, P., 2003, in Stellar Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, ed. M.J. Thompson & J. Christensen Dalsgaard, Cambridge University Press (download pdf)
  • "Magnetic confinement of the solar tachocline" , P. Garaud, 2007 , in "The Solar Tachocline", Chapter 9, eds D. W. Hughes, R. Rosner and N. O. Weiss, Cambridge University Press (download pdf)

Technical Reports

  • "A Friendly and Free Parallel Block-Tridiagonal solver: User Manual.", by P. Garaud & J.-D. Garaud, 2007. (download pdf)
  • "A Friendly and Free Parallel 2-point ODE solver: User Manual.", by L. Acevedo-Arreguin, P. Garaud, & J.-D. Garaud 2010. (download pdf)

PHD Thesis

  • "Dynamics of the solar tachocline", P. Garaud, PhD Thesis, Cambridge University, April 2001 (download pdf).