I was very fortunate to have outstanding teachers and professors throughout my education. I work very hard to provide the next generations of students with the same level of excellence in my own teaching. I was awarded an "Excellence in Teaching" award in 2007-2008.



This quarter: Spring 2022

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Previous Courses taught:

This page contains links to all previous course webpages. Feel free to explore to find past year exams, homeworks, lecutre notes, etc.. Note that after a major security issue affecting the entire school, the BSOE has decided to discontinue many of these course web-page. I am presently working to restore them, please let me know if some are not working.

AM 3 or AMS 3 or MATH 3: Precalculus

AMS 15A: Case-study Calculus I

AMS 15B: Case-study Calculus II

MATH 11A: Calculus with Applications

AM 30: Multivariate Calculus for Engineers

  • Fall 2020. Online on canvas

AMS 114/214 (formerly 146): Introduction to Dynamical Systems/Applied Dynamical Systems

Note that the syllabus changed when the class became co-taught with the graduate 214.

AM 170A: Mathematical modeling I

  • Winter 2022: Online on Canvas
  • Spring 2021: Online on Canvas

AMS 212A (formerly 211): Applied Mathematical Methods I, Partial Differential Equations

AMS 212B: Applied Mathematical Methods II, Perturbation methods

AMS 213: Numerical methods for differential equations

AMS 213A: Numerical Linear Algebra

AMS 214 (see AMS 114)

AMS227, Waves and Instabilities in Fluids


Short Courses taught:

Stellar Mixing, MESA Summer School 2014

  • Link to the materials, prepared in collaboration with Chris Mankovich. Please scroll down to find Pascale Garaud, 2014, Stellar Mixing

Double-diffusive instabilities in Stars, Roscoff 2018

CCA Lecture: Introduction to Hydrodynamics (June 4, 2019; CCA summer school).