Information for prospective postdocs

I do not have postdoctoral funding at this point. However, if you are applying for fellowships and are interested in joining the GAFD group at UCSC, I will be delighted to chat.

Information for prospective graduate students

If you are a senior undergraduate student interested in working in our Fluid Dynamics group, and with me in particular, note that:

  • All graduate admissions to UCSC have to go through the UC Santa Cruz Graduate Admissions Processing center. I cannot "grant you" entry to the graduate program myself.

  • I am a full-time faculty member of the Applied Mathematics & Statistics department, and a "below-the-diamonds" faculty in Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics as well as a member of TASC. As such, I can officially advise you if you sign up for any of these programs. Carefully select which graduate program suits you best according to your own preferences, noting that the programs differ vastly in their course requirements.

  • Once you have chosen your graduate program, carefully read my Research page, and contact me to let me know of your interests.
    • Note too, that I have many interests not listed in this page. If you are interested in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics in general, we can chat about other possible directions to take.
    • Note also, that I am quite open to new projects (as long as they are related to Fluid Dynamics). If you have something you are passionate about, and would like to work on it with me, we can chat about this too.
    • Finally, note that you don't need to know Fluid Dynamics before applying to work with me. It helps, but isn't required. Few undergraduate programs offer fluid dynamics courses, but we have many excellent ones at UCSC.

  • Be fully aware that I do tend to work on more "mathematical" aspects of astrophysics, and that a large part of the research you are likely to be involved in requires serious mathematical work. See my publications for examples. If you are not at ease with mathematical modeling, you should not work with me. I am looking for students who have taken at least the following courses:
    • The whole mathematics series including Calculus, Multivariate Calculus, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations.
    • Some "Mathematical Methods for Physicists" class.
    • At least one programming class and one numerical methods class
    • Some basic physics classes
    • Some introductory astrophysics class (if you want to do Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics) or some geophysics or ocean sciences classes (if you want to do Geophysical Fluid Dynamics).

  • Once you have made your final decision, send in your application to the graduate program of your choice.