Tom Yuzvinsky
yuzvinsky at soe dot ucsc dot edu

I am a research scientist in the W.M. Keck Center for Nanoscale Optofluidics at UCSC. My current work focuses on the incorporation of nanoscale elements into optofluidic devices to increase their sensitivity and reliability.

My previous work included postdoctoral research in the NanoBio Group at USC and in the Center for Integrated Nanomechanical Systems at UC Berkeley. My graduate research in the UC Berkeley Physics Department focused on carbon nanotubes as key elements in nanoscale electronics and nanoelectromechanical systems.

For details on some of my published research, please select one of the projects shown below.  You may also view a list of my publications or find out more about my previous work as a UC Discovery Fellow in developing the Berkeley Nanotechnology Exchange.

Nanotube nanomotor

Shrinking carbon nanotubes

Nanotube arrays

Cutting carbon nanotubes

Nanotube manipulation

Electrical breakdown of carbon nanotubes

Extreme thermal test platform

Nanotube archival memory