Tailoring carbon nanotubes

Tom Yuzvinsky

Controlled placement of aligned carbon nanotubes

The precise placement of carbon nanotubes is vital to their incorporation into the next generation of electronic devices. To address this issue, we have developed a simple method to deposit nanotubes in predetermined orientations and positions which can easily be integrated into standard silicon microprocessing.


Alignment of carbon nanotubes on a clean silicon oxide substrate. Selective deposition of carbon nanotubes via surface functionalization.


Preferential alignment is achieved by spinning the substrate during fluidic deposition, causing the nanotubes to line up with the direction of fluid flow. Localized deposition is obtained by selectively patterning an adhesive polymer surface layer with the focused electron beam of a scanning electron microscope.

The alignment and selective deposition process can be easily integrated into standard silicon microfabrication processes to create arrays of nanotube devices such as torsional or rotational actuators.

See also:

"Controlled placement of highly aligned carbon nanotubes for the manufacture of arrays of nanoscale torsional oscillators"
TD Yuzvinsky, AM Fennimore, A Kis and A Zettl
Nanotechnology 17, 434-438 (2006)

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