Peyman Milanfar

Computational Lithography

Optical microlithography, a technique similar to photographic printing, is used for transferring circuit patterns onto silicon wafers. A typical process consists of carving out the desired wafer pattern on a photo-mask (reticle), and projecting its image onto a chemically sensitive material (photo-resist), which acts as a recording medium.

However, the above process introduces distortions arising from optical limits and non-linear resist, and the output wafer pattern has poor pattern fidelity. With circuit dimensions already reduced to 65nm, and exponentially decreasing further in accordance with Moore’s law, the above problem becomes very critical.

One way of correcting the above process is by modifying the mask, thereby changing the amplitude and phase of the wave-front, such that it cancels out or compensates for the process losses to come. This forms the basis of computational lithography.

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