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Each summer the West End Studio Theatre offers a 2-week conservatory for teenagers (ages 14–21) in conjunction with Shakespeare Santa Cruz.

In addition to attending all three of this season's SSC plays, watching a rehearsal, chatting with dramaturges, and backstage tours, the students get scene study and instruction from some of the professional actors in the SSC company. This year they worked on 2-person love scenes (mainly from the comedies), unarmed stage combat, reciting sonnets, a shipwreck scene (cobbled together from multiple plays, but mainly Tempest), and a scene from Anthony and Cleopatra.

The main instructors were John Pasha (scene study), Shashona Brooks (sonnets), Mara Sherman (dramaturgy), Luanne Nunes de Char (ensemble pieces), and Carla Pantoja (stage combat).

On the last day of the conservatory they presented a showcase of their work, which they called On Board with the Bard: A Love Story. The presented the showcase twice: once to people from Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and once to the parents and friends. The performance for SSC had to come first, as several of the audience members there had calls for their own performances just after the showcase ended. The pictures here are all from the second showcase.

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Ensemble scene from Anthony and Cleopatra.

Justin reciting Sonnet 89.

Chris as Duke Orsino and Milli as Viola from Twelfth Night.

Abe reciting Sonnet 29.

Justin as Silvius and Mia as Phoebe from As You Like It.

Ava reciting Sonnet 30.

Em reciting Sonnet 130.

Abe as Proteus and Anna as Silvia from Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Abe as Proteus and Anna as Silvia from Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Bettina as Helena and Jesse as Bertram from All's Well That Ends Well.

Mia and Jesse doing unarmed stage combat.

Ava as Lady Percy and Eli as Hotspur from Henry IV Part 1.

Mia and Bettina reciting Sonnet 116.

Abe exhorting the storm in the shipwreck ensemble piece.

Waves in the shipwreck ensemble piece.

Drowning at the end of the shipwreck ensemble piece.

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