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Abe with glasses, August 2007

This web page will change occasionally with proud-parent stuff. Click on small pictures for detailed picture (usually in jpeg format). I'll put the most recent pictures at the top of the page.

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12 July 2011. I skipped a few portraits of me that Abe drew (you can see the full set on my home page), but the latest one is probably the best:

25 June 2010. Abe has drawn another portrait of me—the first time has done a profile (aside from the early "Picasso" imitation).

18 May 2010. Abe has once again won a third place in the Mathematics and Software category of junior division (6th–8th grades) of the California State Science Fair. This time with A.I. Connect-four, an investigation of artificial intelligence using the game Connect-Four.

8 Sept 2009. Abe has started creating his own web page for his Programming 1 class at Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School. I've been learning a little CSS and Javascript along with him, since I learned HTML before there were such things, and never bothered to modernize. [2011: the school has taken down Abe's old web page. Perhaps he'll create another one some day—he's certainly still been working on improving his HTML and JavaScript skills, though so far only with private pages on the local disk.]

19 May 2009 Judging results from the California State Science Fair have been posted at http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/Current/Awards/J16.html and Abe's 3rd place in Math and Software (Junior Division) has been announced.

31 March 2009. Abe's science-fair project this year, Find it Fast: Hash Tables and Collision Resolution got 3 prizes at the Santa Cruz County Science Fair: 1st in Computer Science (grades 6-8), Intel award in computer science, Seagate award. He will be going to the California State Science Fair in May with this project.

27 May 2008. Abe's science-fair project this year, Self-similar Sierpinski Fractals, got a second in category at county (there was no first in math) and went to state, but it got no awards there. He was a little disappointed, since it was clearly the most mathematically sophisticated middle-school project in the math/software category at state, and he had put an enormous amount of effort into to. We had gotten some feedback at county about why he didn't get a first, which mainly amounted to it not being applied enough.

We got no feedback at state, despite having a huge ratio of judges to projects. Given the projects that won at state, it seemed to me that the judges were looking for green technology and applications to medicine, and not much else. I'm also a little worried that he did too sophisticated math, and the judges thought that it was parental work—the judges at state seemed less experienced even than the judges at county. I did write a letter as his mentor, explaining what help he had, but I don't know if the judges ever read it.

15 March 2008. On Thursday (13 March 2008) at the trimester assembly at Spring Hill School, I heard one of Abe's compositions for the first time. He wrote it during music class using Finale Notepad (free software for Macs and PCs). Since I had assumed that his music skills were as limited as mine, I was pleasantly surprised by how good his composition was. If you pick up the free sofware, you can listen to it yourself. Abe's composition

23 November 2007. As a birthday present for me, Abe drew another portrait—this one straight-on, which makes the nose a bit more difficult.

10 October 2007. Abe kindly drew another portrait of me. I think this one gets the eyes and beard well, but Abe had a little trouble with the nose.

31 August 2007. Abe just finished a doing 7 afternoons of molecular biology work with Prof. Karen Ottemann and grad student Jenny Draper. His goal was to create plasmids for a mutated version of a gene that Jenny was studying. Jenny provided him with some initial DNA that was supposed to contain the mutated gene and some primers. He did PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA purification, restriction digest, DNA ligation, electroporation into E. coli, plating, miniprep, restriction digest, and gel electrophoresis. The final result was that 3 of the 12 colonies that grew had plasmids with inserts of the correct size. Jenny sent those out for sequencing, and the correct gene was indeed inserted into the plasmids.

It was amazing to me that everything worked—when I tried to do a similar project a couple of years ago for my first wet-lab experience, I never got past the first two steps (my PCR never worked).

Here is a picture of Abe with Jenny in the Environmental Toxicology lab (Photo courtesy of Karen Ottemann). Abe in Etox lab
with Jenny Draper

30 June 2007. Abe has drawn another portrait of me, this time in a somewhat lighter style:

(The pencil lines were so light that I had some trouble scanning in and cleaning up the image—the paper kept providing a grey background.)

5 May 2007. Abe was entered in the County Math Competition both as part of the Spring Hill Math Team and individually. He tied for first place among 5th graders in the individual competition, and the math team got an honorable mention.

15 March 2007. Abe is once again in the County Science Fair—this time with a project about how balls bounce. He wrote a program in scratch to simulate the bounces, learned just enough calculus to figure out the height of bounces, and made a lot of measurements of bouncing balls. (He also wrote a program for bouncing balls in Alice, but that wasn't included in his science fair project.)

1 Feb 2007. Abe has gotten very interested in programming video games and animations using "scratch," a new programming language from the MIT Media Lab. He spent much of winter break learning the language and writing programs. Here are some examples of his work (also pointers to the free download of scratch and newsletters for the Tech Club that Abe and I started at his school).

7 Oct 2006. At the UCSC Farm and Garden's Harvest Festival, Abe asked to have his face painted as a eukaryotic cell. He had to tell the face painter what to paint. Here are the results, labeled: Abe as eukaryotic cell
17 Sept 2006. Abe created yet another sketch of me. sketch of kevin

11 Sept 2006. Abe is running for treasurer of his school's student council and created a campaign poster using Photoshop Elements: Abe for treasurer (smaller 72dpi version) (Update: 22 Sept 2006. Abe tied with one of his classmates, so they are splitting the Treasurer position. I'm not sure how that is going to work.)
21 March 2006. Abe did a bit more work on his science fair project, in preparation for going to the Santa Cruz County science fair. He wrote up a revised report. He ended up with the 3rd place in physics for 4th-5th grade in the county. (As a loyal parent, I thought his project was the best, but I can see how the judges might have thought that there was more parental help than there really was—oh well, he has eight more years of science fairs to look forward to.)
7 Feb 2006. Today was Abe's first science fair. He did an interesting project on capillary action and wrote a good report. As a result, he was one of 8 kids from his school chosen to go to the county science fair (out of 48 projects, 16 each from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades).
31 Jan 2006 After almost a year, Abe finally drew another portrait of me:

6 April 2005 First Aikido exam

Abe had his first aikido test, and he was promoted from 12th kyu to 11th kyu. The dojo he attends uses one or two red stripes for 11th kyu. Abe was very pleased to get two when he was only expecting one.

Demonstrating ikkyo (first teaching): 72dpi (300dpi)

A good hanmi stance: 72dpi (300dpi)

Proud of his new red stripes: 72dpi (300dpi)

Feb 2005 Puerto Rico

At the end of February, we went to Puerto Rico, and Abe kept a diary of most of the trip for class. (I did the photography and typing for him, but he chose the pictures and wrote the text.) Since we were staying in the Gallery Inn, which is run as an artist's studio as well as a bead and breakfast, Abe was inspired to do another portrait of me:

Feb 2005 Biography Day

On 16 Feb 2005, Bay View School had "Biography Day", in which some children and staff dressed up as historical figures. Abe chose to dress as Abraham Lincoln. He ended up reading the Gettysburg Address about 5 times during the day. Somewhat surprsingly, in his after-school theater group of 11 kids, one of the other children had also dressed as Abraham Lincoln. (We think our Abe was more convincing, but don't have photos of the other to offer as evidence.)

Oct 2004

Abe did another sketch of me, this one in a style reminiscent of Edward Gorey;

April 2004

Here are photos of Abe in the UW Arboretum (24 April 2004):

Here are some photos of Abe in Ravenna Park (18 April 2004) after his haircut:

Here are some photos of Abe in the cherry trees on the UW campus in Seattle (4 April 2004) before his haircut:

2 Jan 2004

Abe gave me a new potrait for Christmas this year (drawn today):

2 Nov 2003

Abe was a lizard for Halloween this year. His mother made the costume. Here are a couple of pictures of him in costume. In one, he is on a leash held by his friend Selena.

23 Oct 2003

Abe drew a picture of a very odd dinosaur. Abe says Here's what's odd about it:

28 Sept 2003

Another portrait of me, inspired by the unit they are doing in second-grade at school on Picasso, and a Halloween decoration:

Abe learned to ride his bike this summer:

Here is a picture form our trip to Boston April 2003:

27 April 2003

Self-portraits Abe made in his first-grade class.

16 Dec 02

More recent art—some snails from a painting exercise at school and a portrait Abe made of me on my birthday:
Abe's snails 72 dpi (300dpi version)

2 Nov 02

Some recent art of Abe's from school: Teapot

mask "This is a mask of an alien disguised as a human, but not doing it very successfully."

19 Oct 02

Abe drew another portrait of me—perhaps not as sophisticated as his earlier one, but still quite good: full face sketch of Keivn
by Abe

22 Sept 02

I borrowed a digital camera, and got some shots of Abe:

17 August 2002 Abe has drawn a portrait of me:
9 Feb 02. Some recent art work—the first one Abe calls "Rose of Glory" and it was a copying exercise from his art class. The second one is his design for his Valentine's Day cards.
Rose of Glory Valentine's Day card design
22 Jan 2002. Here is a true story that Abe dictated and illustrated for his homework this week. Unfortunately, the picture makes the PDF file rather large (2 863 450 bytes).
31 Oct 2001. Abe wanted to be a Snowy Owl for Halloween this year. This was not related to Harry Potter, but to his own on-going "talking game" of Owl and Prince (hence my costume as the prince, though Michele and I are usually cast as Owl). Michele made the costume out of cloth and foam.

22 September 2001. More of Abe's art, created with scissors, glue stick, and markers. This mouse design is from Ed Emberley's book Picture Pie 2. The Emberley books seem to just the right level for Abe at age 5 1/2—there is a partial list of them at http://www.funorama.com/emberley.html. Another good list is at http://www.powells.com/subsection/ChildrensArtDrawing.html, which includes several other drawing books for kids (the "draw 50" series is too advanced for Abe right now). A more complete Ed Emberley list can be found at http://www.readin.org/authors/author_pages/Emberley/emberley.htm

collage of an orange mouse Collage of an orange mouse on green paper. 100dpi

Here are some pictures of Abe at his paternal grandparents' golden wedding anniversary party (8 Sept 2001):

Abe between parents Abe peeking around chair Abe working on math workbook

19 August 2001. Here is some art that Abe created while we were in Nijmegen this July.

cat as human Cat disguised as human.

store manager Abe says this is a store manager—I think it looks like a dead president in a coffin.

16 June 2001.

Habib visited today and demonstrated his Polaroid camera to Abe. Here is the picture he took of Abe and me in our matching cyberslug t-shirts:

May 2001.

Here is a a picture of me reading to Abe—also a picture of me and Abe laughing together from around Xmas 2000. kevin reading
to Abe Kevin and
Abe laughing together

April 2001.

I've gotten very lax about scanning in photos. Here's one of Abe on his tire swing: Abe on his tire swing

Nov 2000.

We visited friends in Los Altos for Thanksgiving, and Alex took some photos with a digital camera. I haven't prepared thumbnails from the photos, but will provide links anyway.
Abe and his hand
Abe wearing a mask Michele made from a leaf
Abe falling off a stuffed dragon
Kevin thinking
The whole family at the table

Sep 2000.

Abe's cousin Eli visited on 10 Sep 2000, and two pictures were taken.
Abe with his parents on
the steps of the Greek orthodox church Eli, Abe, and Kevin in
San Lorenzo Park

May 2000.

My friend Habib took a picture of me reading to Abe on his fourth birthday, but I don't have a thumbnail of it yet.

Finally—some recent pictures! (October 1999) Abe won the balloon hat at a Cowell College Night (Thursday night dinner for students and faculty, with post-dinner entertainment). The entertainer was doing an audience-participattion song, asking members of the audience to make lion's roars, bird sounds, or the sounds made by worms. After the song, the audience voted who made the best sound, and Abe's "cock-a-doodle-doo" for the bird sound got the prize, which was to go up on the stage and have a balloon hat made. The hat lasted a couple of days (which is unusual, as Abe likes to pop balloon scupltures).
abe with balloon hat abe looking up at balloon hat abe in the stock pot
Here are some pictures from Dec 1997.
Abe_in_tube.gif Abe_in_dryer.gif Abe_with_mitts.gif Abe_side_mitts.gif Abe_with_menorah.gif Abe_opens_garage.gif Abe-with-tractor.gif Abe-with-pack.gif Abe-on-lap.gif Abe-in-shades.gif
Here are some pictures from Oct 1997.
Abe-of-the-jungle-pool.gif Abe-with-duplo.gif Abe-with-ollalieberries.gif
Here are some pictures from May 1997.
Abe_belly_button_boy.gif Abe_points_to_belly_button Abe_in_helmet Abe_on_rocking_horse Abe_on_rock_horse_by_loom Abe_points_in_chair Abe_in_pool Abe_spoons_in_pool in_pool_Michele_watching Abe_walks_with_Kevin Abe_with_kazoo Sitting_in_sunsuit
Here are some photos from January 1997. The sock is on Abe's hand to prevent him from removing a bandage. He burned his hand trying to pull up on the oven (it has healed fine).
Abe in rocking chair Abe pointing in rocking chair Abe peering out a play window Abe looking around the corner of box
Abe was 9 months old in December 1996--here are some pictures from Abe's first Christmas.
Abe with Winnie the Pooh blanket Abe with Baby Duplo Abe peering out the window Abe riding on quadricycle Abe with toy train
Here are some pictures from November 1996, when Abe was about 8 months old and weighed almost 22 pounds:
Abe in rocking chair Abe with headphones Abe on red sofa with drum Abe's head, with headphones
Some pictures from the first two weeks are here: Abe in his father's hand Abe in a blanket
Here are some pictures from the first three days: Abe on his side Abe with his father Abe in yellow
diaper wrap

At his one-week checkup he was back up to 7 lbs 8 oz—he has been doing well on mother's milk.

Abraham Philip Karplus was born at 13:00 on Tueday 12 March 1996, at the Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz. His weight at birth was 7 lbs 12 oz (3540 grams) and his length was 21" (about 53 cm).

sketch of Kevin Karplus by Abe
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