The Lightning Thief

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In November 2010, the West End Studio Theatre produced an original play "The Lightning Thief" based on the novel by Rick Riordan with the same title.

The cast had 21 kids in it, in grades 5–9, and over 40 parts, so most actors had 2 or more parts in each cast. To spread out the "good" parts, there were two casts, with the children usually having a big role in one cast and small roles in the other. The casts were named "Sophocles" and "Euripides", with two performances for each cast. Sophocles performed on Friday night (Nov 19) and Sunday afternoon (Nov 21), while Euripides had both performances on Saturday (Nov 20). As it turned out, each performance had a slightly different cast, as one actor was sick for the Saturday night performance and a different one was sick for the Sunday performance.

The main instructor, director, and board operator was Terri Steinmann. Kelsey Holtaway was stage manager and crew, Hunter Walraff painted the backdrops, and Lucia Sciarpa did the more ambitious costumes. (I've left out the names of the minors on the creative team, but Abe did the programs.)

Abe's parts were Hades, Boy #1, and fountain in the Sophocles cast; and Luke Castellan and Yancy Student #2 in the Euripides cast.

The pictures below have links to larger images.

Sophocles cast

Mr. Brunner (Chiron in disguise) with Yancy Academy students and Mrs. Dodds, a Fury disguised as a pre-algebra teacher.

Percy Jackson talking to Mr. Brunner.

Percy with his friend Grover Underwood (a disguised satyr).

The three Fates, predicting a death (about to snip the yarn).

Sally Jackson, Percy's Mom, sitting with Percy at the beach.

Percy being given nectar by two Camp Half-Blood campers to help him recuperate after his fight with the Minotaur.

Abe as Ethan (a camper) showing Percy around camp.

Percy meeting the other campers at Cabin 11 (the cabin dedicated to Hermes).

Percy and Clarisse (a daughter of Ares) fighting during capture the flag.

Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena, telling Percy about her need for a quest.

The Oracle of Delphi giving Percy a prophecy.

Medusa attacking Percy at Auntie Em's Garden Gnome Emporium.

Percy sword fighting with the Chimera. The Chimera and Echnida roles were merged, so as to use the joke about anteaters.

The three heroes, Annabeth, Grover, and Percy, meeting with Ares, the god of war, at a burger joint.

The waitresses at the Lotus Hotel and Casino, giving away brownies.

Lotus eaters dancing and playing games at the Lotus Hotel and Casino.

The heroes bargain with Charon to take them to the underworld.

Abe as Hades, Lord of the Dead, sitting on his throne.

Hades complaining to the heroes that he has too many subjects already and does not want a war.

Hades threatening Percy with his staff for the return of the Helm of Darkness.

Posiedon and Zeus talking to Percy on Mt. Olympus on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building.

Luke Castellan, son of Hermes, betraying Percy.

Chiron restraining Percy while he recuperates from the pit scorpion venom.

Euripides cast

Yancy Academy students with their chaperones in the museum.

The principal of Yancy Academy expelling Percy from the school.

Percy eavesdropping on a conversation between his teacher, Mr. Brunner, and his friend, Grover Underwood.

The three Fates.

Sally Jackson (Percy's mother) dropping off Percy and Grover at Camp Half-blood while the minotaur destroys her car off-stage.

Percy drinks nectar to restore him after his fight with the minotaur.

Percy being oriented by Mr. D (Dionysus), with camper Ethan in background.

Campers talking with Chiron.

Clarisse after Percy reversed her attempt to bully him.

Luke explaining "capture the flag" to Percy.

Luke captures the flag for the Athena cabin.

Luke, Annabeth, and Percy talking about the gods.

Luke and Percy practicing their sword fighting.

Campers hailing Percy after he is claimed as a son by Poseidon.

Luke giving winged shoes to Percy.

Two Furies, about to attack a bus on which the heroes are riding.

Medusa trying to petrify Percy.

Newscaster announcing the destruction of the bus and the police search for the culprits (our three heroes).

Echidna (in a role combined with the chimera) attacking Percy.

Iris message from Luke for Percy.

Our heroes trying to order food at a burger joint in Denver, but without any money.

On a taxi from Las Vegas to Santa Monica.

Our heroes, entering the underworld.

Hades, Lord of the Dead, revealing that he has Sally Jackson as a hostage.

Luke announcing his affiliation with the titan Kronos in opposition to the gods.

Percy dragged off after he is stung by a pit scorpion.

Percy saying goodbye to Annabeth for the summer.

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