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One of the students in the 5th grade class of Spring Hill School had a scheduled absence on the day of the class play, so the teacher asked Abe to fill in for him. Abe got the script about 10 days before the performance, in a very busy week (including Invention Convention, the State Science Fair, and rehearsal of a Harry Potter play). Luckily, there were only about 10 lines to learn, and the blocking was simple, so Abe was able to do it with only 2 rehearsals with the rest of the cast.

The script for "Gamatron" was written by Bob Biegert, the 5th grade teacher, who has an amazing range of skills. Actually, I'm not sure if the title of the play was "Disconnected" or "Gamatron: The Game World".

The costumes and sets by the parents were pretty amazing. One interesting feature for a school play is that several of the Queen's speeches were recorded on DVD and played through a monitor on the set. The Queen only appears in person for the final scene.

The pictures below have links to larger images—they came out a bit dark and some have motion blur, because of the lighting. (I used 1/25 second exposures.)

Bob Biegert, fifth-grade teacher and author and director for the play.

Game City, where most of the action for the play takes place.

The forest, where the non-gamers live.

The gamers had some amazing glasses that had flashing LEDs. Abe is the rightmost gamer in this photo.

The gamers confront and taunt a non-gamer.

The confrontation continues.

Gamers are impressed by the tribe beating the guards.

A member of the tribe confronts the gamers, and challenges them to give up their game controllers.

The gamers try to defeat the genetically-engineered creature, which they incorrectly perceive as being part of the game.

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