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Weakly-supervised Learning

Z. Zhu, Y. Song, and Y. Liu, ``Clusterability as an alternative to anchor points when learning with noisy labels'', preprint, arXiv:2102.05291.

Z. Zhu, T. Liu, and Y. Liu, ``A second-order approach to learning with instance-dependent label noise'', CVPR (*oral), 2021.

H. Cheng*, Z. Zhu*, X. Li, Y. Gong, X. Sun, and Y. Liu, ``Learning with instance-dependent label noise: a sample sieve approach'', ICLR, 2021.

Federated Learning

Z. Zhu*, J. Zhu*, J. Liu, and Y. Liu, ``Federated bandit: a gossiping approach'', ACM SIGMETRICS, 2021. (acceptance rate = 12.1%)

Other Publications

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