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Journal 9

Every post and page needs to have at least one picture

If you are using quotes from a website then use quotation marks and past in the link

Approve and Answer your comments.

(Comment on your friend's blog)

Resume Page

  1. Make a PAGE, not a POST, make a PAGE (like the My Links and About).
  2. This PAGE (not POST) is called “Resume”
  3. Answer these following questions and put a picture in it…


Languages I Speak:

Languages I Program: Processing

Musical Instruments:


Clubs and Organizations:

Fine Arts and Dance:

Jobs and Skills:

Leadership Experience:

Volunteer Experience:

Hobbies and Interests:

Camps and Programs I've attended: Stanford Honors Academy 2014,


  • Various Processing Projects
  • Arduino Starter Kit
  • Classroom Polyhedron City

Blog 1: Questions

Put this picture into you post:

Write down your strategy for solving the Traveling Sales Person's problem.


  • What is a Karnaugh Map?
  • What are examples of things that are digital and analog?
  • What is the difference between digital and analog?
  • What does 1011101010001 in binary equal in normal numbers (we did not cover this in class yet)?
  • What is a game tree?
  • Give an example of an Game Tree
  • Why do computers use Game Trees?

Blog 2: What did you do yesterday?

Post pictures: Photos

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