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SPCS - Day 1



Part 1 - Wordpress

Deliverable - A viewable website with professional content

Setup Wordpress - Research Journal

  • About Me Page
  • Blogpost: Game Review

Part 2 - Github

Deliverable - Github account, ready for programming projects

By the end, you should have also “followed” my Github page, AND set up a mathquiz repository.

Part 3 - Javascript

Deliverable - JavaScript Math Quiz Program, playable on Github

Setup your mathquiz repo on your desktop:

Try to look through Chapter 1 of the Cookbook Text

  • You will be using a fancy text editor for this project.
  • For your mathquiz
    • Write a good Prime Number Multiple Choice problem (1 or more)
    • Write a Combination/Permutation problem for every type (4: lock, rainbow, icecream, fruits)
  • Check into Github project mathquiz (should have at least 5 questions total)

Get gh-pages to host your program

For more info: Help with gh-pages


FINAL STEP: Create a README file in the main directory of your REPO that contains the link to where people can go to try your program. (A README may already exist, just add the text). Place a short description of your project in this file along with the link that should look like:

Design Challenge - THIS PART IS OPTIONAL

After you've finished everything, ask to see if anyone around you could use help.

If people around you are doing fine, then continue with the challenge (do these in any order)…

Note: You will need to use your book or Google to understand how to enhance your quiz. It might be confusing at first, but you should tough through it and use your resources! There's an explanation for everything, and you should always start small.

  1. Design a better grading scheme for the quiz. For example, currently, there is no way of even knowing that I'm being scored unless I get all the answers correct. This is a terrible design choice. Make a better one.
    1. In this current example, the answer-key in the program is in hexadecimal. This is so you can compare the A,B,C,D values, since hexadecimal goes from 0-9, then A-F. We will cover this topic tomorrow.
  2. Design an experience that will teach the user the mathematical concepts of prime numbers and permutations/combinations
  3. Add images to your mathquiz
  4. Go into your Wordpress and, on your dashboard, customize your site [Appearance]
  5. Write a blog that summarizes your experience today and post screenshots

Finally!! Don't forget to fill out your ANONYMOUS feedback form:

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