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Day 9!!!!!


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Final Project Responsiblities/Teams

  1. Review of course: You will work with your partner to collect all the projects from the class to show off examples. This is to teach the other class (Gary's class), and show them what we've made.
  2. Outline your presentation on your blog. Each person should write about what they care about.
  3. Presentation Poster: You will make a paper poster to describe your topic. Presentation will be 5 minutes each.
  4. Build your own: You will, if you have time, build your own project(s)
    1. If you make something, put it on Github

Narratology vs Ludology - Your project is to build 2 simple games that represents both sides of the argument. You will present to inform students about what this topic is about.

  • Wilson
  • Jack

AI - Your project is AI. Program a chatbot AI that you can talk to. Use the other chatbots that others have written (in this class) to show. Give a presentation about Alan Turing and read the paper that he wrote on Thinking Machines. Come see me if you cannot find the paper. Give your chatbot a name and a face. If you have time, make it change emotions in its face.

  • Lisa
  • Cindy

Game AI - Your topic is Game AI. You will look at all the game AI's that were made in the class and present them. Focus on the most interesting ones. You can also create new examples of Game AI's, if you have time. Teach the students on where we find AI in games.

  • Billy
  • Peter

Twine - Play through all the Twine games from this class. Present the ones that you find most interesting. Also, make a twine that uses advanced features. Teach the class the advanced features.

  • Michael
  • Samuel

Algorithm - Present all the sorting Algorithm projects that are in class. Teach the class about Algorithms and explain the three interview problems we did in class. Create any other algorithms visually to present

  • Frank
  • Jeff

Simulation - Look through the simulation projects that have been made in this class. Present one of every type (Physics, Cellular Automata, etc). Build your own, if you would like. Explain what makes a simulation different from a game.

  • Kyle
  • Toby

Animation - Look through the animation projects from the other students. Showcase all the projects. Present on what is computer graphics and animations. Make your own if you have time.

  • Mike
  • Chris

Arduino - You get to take ALL the Arduinos and build ALL the circuits to make as many different projects as possible to present. Talk about what Arduino is.

  • Hollis
  • Evangeline
  • Bran

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