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Day 2 - Tuesday


  • Blog catchup
  • Lock Activity
  • Narrative Ludus Paida
  • Guest: Russ Fan from Disney
  • Twine

Class Assignments

  1. Blog - Please finish the assignments from yesterday (30 minutes)
    • If you are finished, please write a Game Review for 2048, or prepare questions for our guest speaker from the reading
    • Please fill out this form, if your blog is not on the list:
  2. Blog - Please write a Thank You post to Russ Fan, Senior Game Designer, at Disney
  3. Interactive Fiction - Using Twine software, try to figure out how to compose a good story. Use online tutorials for information to teach yourself the software. You will be working with your team on designing a game that has Ludus, Paida, and Narrative.
    1. The Narrative must give an experience similar to the Lock activity
    2. The story should make people care about injustice
    3. There must be at least 2 happy endings and 1 very silly ending. You can have as many other endings as you want
    4. If you finish early try to learn the advanced features
    5. GITHUB: Put everything on Github there are four ways to do it.
      1. Add it on the website directory
      2. Use Tortoise like Yinan did
      3. Learn the command-line (terminal in Mac and cmd in Windows)
      4. Download the Client for Github
        1. (there is Mac version too)
Name of Game
Name of Teamates

Design document (Blue Prints for the Game)
  - Paida
  - Ludus
  - Narrative



  • Blog Post - What is the narratology/ludology debate?
  • Blog Post: Write About Your Game. What game did you make in Twine today? Write about the story and take an interesting screenshot of the game/story. Also, you must include your github link to it. Every post must have a photo.
  • Blog Post (Optional) - Game Review: Press Space to Win. What is the Ludus, Paida, and Narrative. Is it a game? - (Recommended)
  • READING - Please read the Game Design papers, if you did not before.


TA: Jeffrey

  • Jeff, Peter
  • Billy, Frank
  • Cindy, Bran

TA: Kevin

  • Michael, Samuel
  • Hollis, KL
  • Evangeline, Kyle

TA: Yinan

  • Toby, Lisa
  • Wilson, Jack
  • Chris, Mike


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