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York School - Stanford SPCS - 2013

A onetime session on Wordpress

  1. Introduction: showed
  2. Polled class for where people were from
  3. Did introductions for favorite game
  4. Realized that Eclipse wasn't installed
    1. Polled class for what to do when issues arise
    2. Had each student initiate download
  5. 2 computers didn't have internet access
  6. Proceeded to teach them wordpress
    1. Don't allow students to use Blogger
    2. Make sure students have e-mails
      1. if they don't, then just create one
    3. Have students write down what they sign up with
    4. Authenticate and start building
      1. Build “About” page
      2. Make sure students know how to insert images
      3. Reviewed “There is only one level”
      4. PSTW took too long to load
      5. Reviewed another game or Built “Links” page
    5. Have students fill out Google form
  7. Encouraged students to help each other

Intro Materials

Student Pages

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