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MSP - Journal 3

House Cleaning

Your website must have these POST entries:

  1. Getting Started with Processing (Journal 2)
  2. Game Review #2: There is Only One Level (Journal 2)
  3. How We Talk to Machines (Journal 2)
  4. Game Review #1 - PressSpaceToWin (Journal 1)

Please remove quotation marks from your title.

Since I'm not asking you to write a lot, double check your grammar and spelling mistakes!

Every post and page needs to have at least one picture

Try to resize your pictures to make sense

Get rid of unnecessary blank spaces

If you are using quotes from a website then use quotation marks and past in the link

Approve and Answer your comments.

Once you have done this, you can move on.

Processing Catchup

OpenProcessing feels a bit buggy, but try your best to have 4 projects on there with GOOD PROJECT NAMES.

Go to your online processing account (should be in your links tab):

The names should be:

  • Proj 1: Paintbrush
  • Proj 2: Growing Circle
  • Proj 3: Blinking Box
  • Proj 4: Robot

Click on the image of a P and “Capture” a good screenshot of your projects

Make sure your creative changes in the code are updated on the project in your portfolio

Time to do something new.

Create a NEW PAGE

This page is called: Resume

Write in the following from the handout on your Resume page. Do not include the category if the section blank.


Languages I Speak:

Languages I Program: Processing, Java…

Musical Instruments:


Clubs and Organizations:

Fine Arts and Dance:

Jobs and Skills:

Leadership Experience:

Volunteer Experience:

Hobbies and Interests:


  • Proj 1: Paintbrush
  • Proj 2: Growing Circle
  • Proj 3: Blinking Box
  • Proj 4: Robot

In the Projects category, link to the Sketch in your Portolio on OpenProcessing

NEW POST: Game Review #3

Title this POST: Game Review #3: Achievement Unlocked

  • Compare Game #3 (Achievement Unlocked with Game #2 (This is the only level)
  • Include a picture of the games
  • Include the links to the games

NEW POST: Programming Fundamentals

Copy and Paste this text into your post. Answer each question with at least one sentence. If you copy text from somewhere else, please use quotation marks. I still want each one of you to USE YOUR OWN WORDS! I encourage the use of Google, your notes, or my slides.

  • What is the difference between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi?
  • What is a function and what is a parameter? Give an example from one of your projects and identify what part is the function name and what parts are the parameters.
  • What is the difference among: int, float, bool, and char. What do each of them mean?
  • What is the difference between “=” and “==”?
  • Why do we use variables in programming?
  • Why do we use loops in programming?
  • Put this image in your post and explain what it means.


  • Write a sentence about 3 things you've learned that you haven't written about on your website yet.
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