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MSP - Assignment 3

You are allowed to be in groups of 2 for this project, if you want.

Pencil and Paper

  • Draw on Graph Paper, your own “Sketch”
  • You will draw this in Processing
  • After it is drawn you must design the mouseX and mouseY to involve mouse movement in some way
  • After that you must design a way to change the color of one of your shapes by clicking inside of the shape
  • Your design must be approved by your Counselor or Instructor

With this design document finished (and approved), you can now launch Processing and start coding!

  1. Replicate the image on your graph paper into Processing
  2. Create a way to have it respond to your mouse movement. (Use your old projects, the book, and internet for help)
  3. Create a response from a shape to change color ONLY when you click inside that shape

Once you've completed all things, each person must upload it into their own page. Everyone in the class must have 5 projects total.

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