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  1. In your best words, how do you define what a game is?
  2. Take your best guess: How does Google make money?
  3. Can you explain how the internet works? Please try your best to explain.
  4. What is the cloud? Define what this is in your best words.
  5. Write the values for these numbers. (the first one is an example)
    1. 35 in decimal = 100011 in binary
    2. 21 in decimal = ??? in binary
    3. 101101 in binary = ??? in decimal
    4. 255 in decimal = ??? in hexadecimal


  • Introductions
  • What is Game Design?
  • Passion Talks - in your notebook answer these three questions..
    • Past - Who have you been, what is your history, where are you from?
    • Present - What are you now, what do you do, what do you like?
    • Future - What would you like to accomplish with your life, what is your passion, what job or studies do you want to pursue?
  • Course website:
  • What you will learn about
    • programming *
    • game design
    • game studies
    • paper prototyping
    • play testing
    • computer graphics
    • computer animations
    • computer algorithms
    • artificial intelligence
    • electrical engineering
    • arduinos
    • storytelling
    • YOURSELF!!
  • Projects
    • Interactive Fiction
    • Animate a virtual friend/pet
    • Perler Beads
    • Arduino
    • Board Game
    • Final Presentation Poster
    • Small game projects
  • Teamwork!
  • Portfolio
  • Guest speakers
  • Course schedule
  • Game Design: What is a game?!!
    • Narrative
    • Paida
    • Ludus
  • Engineering: Binary Numbers
  • Life Skills


  • Do a peer review on yourself. Let me know what you best feel your abilities are. When it asks who are you leaving feedback for, put down YOUR name.
  • HOMEWORK: Using the content from the video on Growth Mindset - make a game design document– blue print. Use diagrams and examples, if that helps to explain. Design doc should fit on one page!
    • Give the name a name
    • Give the game a story
    • Give the game some mechanics
    • Give the game a winning condition
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