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Major Publications

Use of "and" means equal work, otherwise order favors the first author.
  1. Learning a Game Using Pattern-Weights and Self-Play
    Shapiro, A., Fuchs, G, and Levinson, R.

  2. Chess Neighborhoods, Function Combination and Machine Learning Full Text (pdf) Abstract
    Robert Levinson and Ryan Weber

  3. Symmetry and the Computation of Conceptual Structures
    Robert Levinson

  4. Meta-Reasoning for Data Analysis Tool Allocation
    Robert Levinson and Jeff Wilkinson

  5. The CG Mars Lander
    Gil Fuchs and Robert Levinson

  6. New Advances in Adaptive Pattern-Oriented Chess
    Allen, J., E. Hamilton, and R. A. Levinson

  7. Propagating Truth and Detecting Contradiction in Conceptual Graph Databases
    Esch, J. and R. A. Levinson

  8. An Implementation Model for Contexts and Negation in Conceptual Graphs Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Esch, J. and R. A. Levinson

  9. UDS: A Universal Data Structure Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Levinson, R. A.

  10. Towards Domain-Independent Machine Intelligence Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Levinson, R. A.

  11. Experience-Based Creativity Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Levinson, R. A.

  12. Experience-based Adaptive Search Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Gould, J. and R.A. Levinson

  13. MORPH, An Experience-Based Adaptive Chess System: A demonstration report
    Levinson, R.A. and J. Amenta

  14. The Birth of PEIRCE: A Conceptual Graphs Workbench Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Ellis, G. and R. A. Levinson

  15. Pattern Associativity and the Retrieval of Semantic Networks Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Levinson, R. A.

  16. A Self-Organized Knowledge Base for Recall, Design and Discovery in Organic Chemistry
    Levinson, R. A. with C. Wilcox

  17. Pattern-Level Temporal Difference-Learning, Data Fusion and Chess
    Levinson, R.A and Weber, R.J.

  18. Boosting a Noise Rejection Approach for Speech Recognition using Higher Level Decision-Making
    Khan, E. and R.A. Levinson

  19. Robust Speech Recognition Using a Noise Rejection Approach
    Khan, E. and R. Levinson

  20. Issues in Parallel Hardware for Graph Retrieval
    Roberts, D., R.A. Levinson, and R. Hughey

  21. Panel: The Role of Chess in Artificial Intelligence Research
    Levinson, R. A. with F. Hsu, T. Marsland, J. Schaeffer, and D. Wilkins.

  22. Adaptive, Pattern-Oriented Chess
    Levinson, R. A. and R. Snyder

  23. Intelligent Signal Analysis and Recognition Using a Self-Organizing Database
    Levinson, R. A. 1988

  24. A Self-Organizing Pattern Retrieval System and its Applications
    Levinson, R. A. 1988

  25. A Self-Organizing Retrieval System for Graphs
    Levinson, R. A. August 1984

  26. Meta-Reasoning, Decision Trees, and Multi-Agent Learning
    Wilkinson,J. and R. Levinson

  27. Exploiting the Physics of State-Space Search
    Levinson, R.A.

  28. Experience-Based Music Composition
    Wescott, C. and R. A. Levinson.

  29. Decision Trees, Compression, and Boolean Lattices
    Hammond, C. and R.A. Levinson

  30. Deep Blue is Still an Infant
    Levinson, R and J. Wilkinson

  31. LEARN: Exploiting the Physics of State-Space Search with MorphII
    Levinson, R.A.

  32. Morph Interactive User Guide
    Amenta, John and R.A. Levinson

  33. Graph-Isomorphism and Experience-Based Planning
    Levinson, R. and K. Karplus

  34. Distance: Towards the Unification of Chess Knowledge
    Snyder, R. and R. A. Levinson

  35. APS: An Architecture for Experience-Based Knowledge Acquisition
    Levinson, R.A.

  36. Method Integration for Experience-Based Learning
    Gould, J. and R.A. Levinson

  37. Multi-Level Hierarchical Retrieval
    Levinson, R. A. and G. Ellis

  38. A Self-Learning Pattern-Oriented Chess Program
    Levinson, R. A.

Reports, Reviews, and Other Publications - not peer reviewed

  1. MorphII: A Universal Agent: Progress Report and Proposal Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Levinson, R.A.

  2. A Report on the Fall Symposium on Games: Planning and Learning
    Epstein, S. and R.A. Levinson

  3. A review of the book "Computers, Chess and Cognition"
    Levinson, R.A.

  4. REINAS: Real-time Environmental Information Network and Analysis System: Concept Statement Full Text (ps.Z) Abstract
    Long, Darrell D.E., Patrick Mantey, Alex Pang, Glen Langdon, Jr., Robert Levinson, Harwood Kolsky, and Bruce Gritton, UCSC-CRL-93-05, January 1993.

  5. Man and Machine, Theory and Practice, Square Off
    Levinson, R.A.

  6. A Report on the 21st ACM North American Computer Chess Championship
    Levinson, R.A.

  7. Pattern Formation, Associative Recall, and Search: A Proposal Levinson, R.A.

  8. Partial Order Maintenance
    Levinson, R.A. and C. Colin

  9. A Self-Organizing, Graph-Based, Database Retrieval System
    Levinson, R.A.

  10. Self-Organizing Databases for Intelligent Retrieval
    Levinson, R.A. with E. Rich and C. Wilcox

  11. Symmetry and the Computation of Conceptual Structures (ppt)

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