Principal Investigator

William B. Dunbar (Bio)
Associate Professor
Computer Engineering
UC Santa Cruz
Ph. (831) 459-1031
email: dunbar AT

Postdocs & Staff

Dr. Jungsuk Kim
Ph.D., UCSC, Electrical Engineering
Research Focus: Amplifier design for solid-state and biological nanopore applications.

Graduate Students

Christopher O'Donnell
Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering
Research Focus: Esimtation of molecular state in nanopore experiments; measurement and control of enzymes on the nanopore.

Shea Ellerson
Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering
Research Focus: Signal processing of nanopore measurements, solid-state nanopore applications.

Undergraduate Students

Asma Uz-Zaman


Graudate Students, Postdocs

Raj Maitra, M.S. (June 2013).

Daniel Garalde, Ph.D. (March 2011). Now: Postdoc, Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Atiye Alaeddini, M.S. (Sept. 2010). Now: PhD student in Aeronautics and Astronautics Department at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Dr. Gang Wang, Postdoc (2009-2010). Now:

Brett Gyarfas, Ph.D. (March 2010). Now: Postdoc, The Biodesign Institute, ASU.

Noah Wilson, Ph.D. (March 2009, dissertation). Now: Versatile Power.

Andrew Trapani, M.S. (December 2008, thesis). Now: Sensis Corporation.


Thomas Schmitz

Asma Uz-Zaman

Darrel Deo

Jessie Rucker, UCSC

Patrick Ellis, SURF-IT student 09, Bradley University

Cooper Sinclair Levy, SURF-IT student 08, UCSC / UC Berkeley

Ayla Solomo, SURF-IT student 07, Wellesley College

Elizabeth Koch, SURF-IT student 07, Carleton College

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