These lecture notes on Foundations of Scientific Computing are going to be progressively under development for the course AMS 209 at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of California Santa Cruz, Fall Quarter, 2017.

The most parts of the contents of the materials are in progress and they are continuosly getting updated and modified throughout the entire quarter.

The materials are intended to serve as a good intelletual guidance for the course, and it is never meant to be neither perfect nor best.

Please keep in mind that the topics that are covered in this class are very widely spreadout in many different areas. Therefore the course materials provided here do not intend to be most updated and accurate. Rather, the purpose of this classnote is to provide some levels of broader aspects in those various topics that play fundamental roles in scientific computing.

Course Mission

This course is not a CS/CE course where you would study various programming languages, as well as software engineerings, and hardware architectures, etc. in depth from theoretical aspects. If you’re interested in such topics you’re in a wrong place.

Please note that the primary goal of the course is to focus on how to use scientific tools to successfully conduct your researches in modern sciences from practical perspectives.

About the Website

These online class materials are writen in Sphinx.


All contents including example codes are lincensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.