Copyright 2003 James Davis

A tool to view AVI and PNG.TAR format movies. Allows single frame stepping, and shows the current frame number. Standard movie players don't show the frame number and usually insist on playing full speed.


'<' and '>'  - step a frame at a time.
[spacebar] - play the movie
[left mouse] - scrub back and forth in the movie
[right mouse] - menu

You can either drag a movie onto the icon, or run from a command line.


% moviecheck <filename.avi>
% moviecheck <filename.png.tar>


The PNG.TAR format is just a tar file with a bunch of PNG images. I find this format useful for distributing to other researchers since its trivial to pack/unpack into frames. Also it allows lossless compression of video data.


[ 764kB] - Just the stuff you need to run it

[ 21MB] - Everything you need to compile it (plus other junk that was in those directories)


Permission to use and modify freely granted.