Recent Papers by Allen Van Gelder


  1. 2011 Stable Feature Flow Fields stableFFF.pdf stableFFF.bib
  2. 2009 Using PVsolve to Analyze and Locate Positions of Parallel Vectors pvsolve.pdf pvsolve.bib

  3. Conference, Refereed

  4. 2011 A Uniform Approach for Generating Proofs and Strategies for both True and False QBF Formulas strategies.pdf strategies.bib
  5. 2011 Careful Ranking of Multiple Solvers with Timeouts and Ties careful.pdf careful.bib
  6. 2011 Generalized Conflict-Clause Strengthening for Satisfiability Solvers generalized.pdf generalized.bib
  7. 2010 Zero-One Designs Produce Small Hard SAT Instances sgen2-sat10.pdf sgen2-sat10.bib
  8. 2009 Improved Conflict-Clause Minimization Leads to Improved Propositional Proof Traces ccmin-avg-sat09.pdf ccmin-avg-sat09.bib

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