Workshop on security and languages

Palo Alto, California

30-31 October 1997

In the last couple of years, several groups have done much work in the intersection of security and programming languages (including work on Java security, for example, but also on several other topics). The goal of this meeting is to help us understand this work and its future directions.

The format of the meeting is that of a workshop, with some short talks and some less structured discussion. A schedule of the talks is available.

The organizers of the meeting are Martín Abadi, Brian Bershad, Ed Felten, Li Gong, Peter Lee, and John Mitchell. The tentative list of participants is: Martín Abadi (Digital), Dirk Balfanz (Princeton), Brian Bershad (Washington), Norris Boyd (Netscape), Gilad Bracha (Sun), Luca Cardelli (Digital), Drew Dean (Princeton), Ed Felten (Princeton), Stephen Freund (Stanford), Li Gong (Sun), Robert Grimm (Washington), Nevin Heintze (Lucent), Jim Horning (InterTrust), Trevor Jim (UPenn), Butler Lampson (Microsoft), Peter Lee (CMU), Xavier Leroy (INRIA), Sheng Liang (Sun), Pat Lincoln (SRI), Barbara Liskov (MIT), Steve Lucco (Microsoft), Lesley Matheson (InterTrust), David Mazieres (MIT), Sanjay Menon (Microsoft), John McDermott (Naval Research Lab), Jon Millen (SRI), John Mitchell (Stanford), Greg Morrisett (Cornell), Steve Morse (Netscape), Andrew Myers (MIT), Susan Owicki (InterTrust), Zhenyu Qian (Bremen), Jon Riecke (Lucent), Eva Rose (ENS Lyon), Jim Roskind (Netscape), François Rouaix (INRIA), Jerry Saltzer (MIT), Vijay Saraswat (ATT), Fred Schneider (Cornell), Craig Sinclair (Microsoft), Gün Sirer (Washington), Raymie Stata (Digital), Bob Tarjan (InterTrust and Princeton), Raman Tenneti (Netscape), Robbert VanRenesse (Cornell), Dennis Volpano (Naval Postgraduate School), Dave Wagner (UCBerkeley), Dan Wallach (Princeton), Daniel Weise (Microsoft), Andrew Wright (NEC).

Location: The location for the meeting is Digital's Systems Research Center in downtown Palo Alto (see directions).

Meals: A dinner for all workshop participants will take place at the Garden Court Hotel (520 Cowper Street, Palo Alto) on October 30, with the generous sponsorship of Sun Microsystems and Stanford. Lunches during the workshop are not planned. There are many restaurants near the meeting location; see for example this list of Palo Alto restaurants or this map of Palo Alto restaurants.

Hotels: Participants should arrange for their accommodations. There are several hotels within an easy walk of the location of the meeting. Roughly sorted by price, in ascending order, these are the Cardinal Hotel (650-323-5101) the Cowper Inn (650-327-4475), the Holiday Inn (650-328-2800), the Victorian on Lytton (650-322-8555), the Stanford Park Hotel (650-322-1234), and the Garden Court Hotel (800-324-9028). See this list of Palo Alto hotels for further details and information about other hotels.

Special rates for hotels: The Cardinal Hotel and the Victorian on Lytton offer special rates to Digital, which you can request when you make your reservation. (I am told that you should simply say that you are with Digital.) The Holiday Inn also offers special rates to Digital, but we can use them only if Digital makes your reservation directly and if there remain rooms at these rates. If you want to stay at the Holiday Inn, please write to Alyssa Higashi (, 650-853-2154). She will need the dates of your stay and your credit card information.

Martín Abadi