Yuchen Yuan


Research Interest

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Now, I’m pursing my master’s degree of Computer Engineering in University of California Santa Cruz. I’m very interesting in Machine Learning, it’s very creative and challenging, I used some Tools like Caffe and Tensorflow, but could know how to use them. I choose the Algorithm and Machine Learning class to learn more deep theoretical knowledge about machine learning and I’m hoping to establish my own machine learning models in the future.

Further more, I want to apply my model into AI field and then create my own robots then could change my life. There’s a long way to go.

Seminal papers I am reading

Machine Learning

Manfred K. Warmuth

1.Subsampling for Ridge Regression via Regularized Volume Sampling


2.Unbiased estimates for linear regression via volumesampling


Other hobbies

Fitness and running

Music and movies

Playing Dota2