Han    Gao


I have not published any papers yet.

Links to seminal papers:

A Nonlinear Regression Technique for Manifold Valued Data With Applications to Medical Image Analysis, M Banerjee, R Chakraborty, E Ofori, MS Okun, DE Vaillancourt, ...

Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters, J Dean,S Ghemawat

The data processing pipeline for the Herschel SPIRE Fourier Transform Spectrometer, T Fulton, DA Naylor, ET Polehampton, I Valtchanov, R Hopwood, ...


Data Standard Management System

2017. 2 - 2017. 5

• Established a B/S application mainly integrates judiciary data and files issued by courts to facilitate the management of data standard based on Spring Boot, MyBatis framework

• Designed human-friendly front pages with Semantic UI framework using JavaScript, HTML and CSS; analyzed and processed various standard data and used HighCharts to visualize results retrieved from back-end service to pie charts and coordinate graphs

• Parsed XML files to batch upload and import standard data through adopting Dom4j

Conference Management System

2015. 10 - 2015. 12

• Used J2EE structure, Spring, Struts 2 and Hibernate to develop a conference management system based on B/S framework used for arranging the use of meeting rooms by courts

• Completed the system with background programming with Java; front-end web page based on Bootstrap with Html, CSS and jQuery; data storage with MySQL

Document Security System

2015. 3 - 2015. 5

• Led 5 team members to develop a security system to keep confidentiality of electronic documents based on MFC framework in Visual Studio IDE and File System Filter Driver

• Modelled the architecture of the system and completed the design and implementation of permissions management module, implemented communication between client and server by Socket programming

Icer Chat

2014. 6 - 2014. 7

• Developed a LAN client/server chat system on basis of TCP/IP protocol and Socket programming under Linux through using C++ with another team members

• Took charge of design and development of database and chat service based on SQLite3 within 2-week deadline by using Rapid Prototype Model and Axure RP

• Worked with multithreading to resolve the concurrency problem of large-scale messages in the user management module and chat service