Han    Gao

My Academic Interests

Interested Area

Of the many fields in the Computer Engineering spectrum, I am especially interested in Data Analysis and Computer Architecture. So far, I have been proficient at reviewing research reference, analyzing the data and developing the new project.

Study Plan

• CMPE 200 - Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering

• CMPS 201 - Analysis of Algorithms

• CMPE 202 - Computer Architecture

• CMPS 121 - Mobile Application

• CMPE 264 - Image Analysis and Computer Vision

• CMPE 252 - Computer Networks

• CMPE 257 - Wireless and Mobile Networks

• CMPS 277 - Principles Of Database Systems

• CMPE 240 - Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

• CMPE 244 - Digital Control

In addtion, I plan to choose The Master's Degree Project Track. In order to do some preparation for my project, I am studying Android development technology because I intent to develop a mobile application which combines data analysis and computer vision as my final project.

Besides, I plan to seek a software developing internship in an Internet company in the nexr summer because I want to accumulate experiences for my future work.