Social Advertising and Marketing Mix: the Four I's

Yi Zhang, University of California Santa Cruz


The Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Lab is doing research on social advertising and marketing. We identified the following four major advantages of social advertising and marketing. We call them the 4 I's of Social Advertising and Marketing.


You know who you are dealing with, and this leads to more trust and better understanding, etc.


You can infer about the needs of a customer and do targeted advertising/marketing based on detailed information about the cusomter and his/her social network. For example, using social network based personalized recommendation techniques.


Advertising/marketing message spreads quickly from user to user, because it is coming from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself or unknown reviewers.


The social marketing platform can provide direct conversations and interactions between customers and companies. Company can quickly integrate customer feedback into business decisions. This builds customer loyalty since the customer gets more involved.


We propose to evaluate a candidate social advertising and marketing solution based on the above four aspects.