• University of California Santa Cruz(2017 - Now)
  • (Master's Degree majoring in Computer Science)
  • Courses included: Analysis of Algorithm, Machine Learning, Computer Network, Database System, Data Mining, Data Visualization.

  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecom(2013 - 2017)
  • (Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications)
  • Courses included: Data Structure and Algorithms, Java Programming, C++ Programming, Web Development, Coding Reliable Communications, Digital Signal Processing


  • Enterprise Architect Internship in Symantec, MountainView, CA
  • Technology: R, RStudio, tm, wordcloud2, syuzhet, SQL
  • Worked on data science project presenting real time review scores of Symantec products to assist marketing strategy.
  • Machine Learning Internship in Pattern Recognition Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Technology: Matlab, LibSVM Toolkit, Digital feature extraction Toolkit, Caffe
  • Designed a new framework of ensemble learning combining multiple SVM training and image features to predict the memorability of images, which, is a newly appeared computer graphics issue, by using multiple machine learning methods


  • Algorithm
  • Website: LeetCode
  • Have finished 260+ LeetCode Coding Problems
  • Web Development
  • Framwork: React + NodeJs
  • Have taken online courses, try to find and implement some related projects
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern recognition and Deep Learning
  • Had an intern experience in Pattern Recognition Laboratory and still need to learn Tensorflow platform
  • Block Chain
  • Still in my study plan

My Story

I was born and growing in China. I used to lived in Chicago for about half a year as a visiting student in Illinois Institute of Technology. I finished My undergraduate study in Beijing, China. And I am now pursuing my master's degree in computer science at University of California Santa Cruz.

My research interests lie in computer algorithm and web development. As for my career development, I plan to work in California as a software engineer and my goal is to be an outstanding full-stack engineer in 3 years.

Projects & Publications

My hobbies

I like traveling, listening to music and playing computer games. In addition, I like drawing and photographing. The images above in my websites are all the photos I shot.

In my daily time, I like cooking some Chinese food and the right picture is the Chinese Cuisine I cooked myself recently.



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San Jose, California

United States

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