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B. Thomas Adler (commonly referred to as "Bo") is a computer scientist studying user behavior in Wikipedia and building trust systems for wikis.[1] He is a graduate student at the University of California in Santa Cruz, where he has received a master's degree for research on timed games. His most recent presentation slides are available:

[edit] Research

Bo's research at UC Santa Cruz revolves around the WikiTrust project, under the guidance of Luca de Alfaro. The project began as an investigation into using the rich revision history of Wikipedia to compute author reputations[3], but has evolved into research on text quality and user behavior.[4] The most recent two works on WikiTrust were published in WikiSym 2008.

[edit] Consulting

Bo also currently conducts research for Fujitsu Laboratories of America. His work there currently involves collecting and processing medical sensor data using data mining techniques. He also was a key contributor in the Automated Ontology project, working on computational linguistics and information retrieval problems; part of that work is publicly available as Xurch. Previous to graduate school, he helped develop "motion interfaces" for Fujitsu[5] which allowed the user to move a PDA through the air to control actions on the screen.

[edit] References

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