Athanasios Kottas

Professor of Statistics
Baskin School of Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz

Office: 523 Engineering 2 Building
Phone: 831-459-5536

  • Ph.D. in Statistics (2000), Department of Statistics , University of Connecticut.
  • M.Sc. in Statistics and Operations Research (1996), Department of Mathematics , University of Ioannina , Greece.
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics (1994), Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina, Greece.

  • July 2018 -- present: Professor, Department of Statistics, UCSC.
  • July 2002 -- June 2018: Assistant Professor (2002--2008), Associate Professor (2008--2012), Professor (2012--2018),
    Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UCSC.
  • August 2000 -- June 2002: Visiting Assistant Professor, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University.

    Research interests: Bayesian nonparametrics; Mixture models; Modeling and inference for point processes; Nonparametric regression; Survival analysis.
    Applications in biometrics, ecology and the environmental sciences.

    Publications and work in progress


    Editorial Service
  • Editor for Bayesian Analysis (since December 2018)
  • Associate Editor for Bayesian Analysis (April 2008 -- December 2018), and for Sankhya Series B (January 2016 -- December 2018)
  • Action Editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research (September 2011 -- August 2013)

    Courses on Bayesian nonparametrics

  • UCSC course Bayesian Nonparametric Methods
    (offered earlier in Spring 2018, Fall 2015, Fall 2012, Fall 2010, Winter 2009, Fall 2006, Spring 2004).

  • Notes from a short course on "Applied Bayesian Nonparametric Mixture Modeling", presented at the ISBA 2014 World Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, July 13, 2014;
    co-presented with Abel Rodriguez (Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, References).

  • Earlier versions of this short course have been presented at the 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings, Montreal, Canada (co-presented with Abel Rodriguez);
    at the National University of Ireland, Galway, December 14-15, 2009 (co-presented with Milovan Krnjajic); at the 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings,
    Washington, DC (co-presented with Abel Rodriguez); at the 2006 Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, WA (co-presented with Alan Gelfand); and at the
    30th Annual Summer Institute of Applied Statistics, Brigham Young University, June 15-17, 2005 (co-presented with David Draper).

    A sample of conference/seminar talks

  • Bayesian quantile mixture regression
    12th International Conference on Bayesian Nonparametrics, Oxford, U.K. (June 2019).
  • Dynamic ordinal regression modeling, with applications to estimating natural selection surfaces
    BIRS Workshop: Bayesian Nonparametric Inference: Dependence Structures and their Applications, Oaxaca, Mexico (December 2017).
  • Bayesian nonparametric modeling and inference for mean residual life functions
    2016 Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago (August 2016).
  • Bayesian point process modeling for extreme value analysis, with an application to systemic risk assessment in correlated financial markets
    2014 Joint Statistical Meetings, Boston (August 2014).
  • Nonparametric Bayesian modeling and inference for renewal processes
    ISBA 2014 World Meeting, Cancun, Mexico (July 2014).
  • Nonparametric Bayesian analysis of developmental toxicity experiments with clustered discrete-continuous outcomes
    ISBA 2012 World Meeting, Kyoto, Japan (June 2012).
  • Bayesian nonparametric Poisson process modeling with applications
    Neyman Seminar, Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley (November 2011).
  • Computational methods for Bayesian inference in sensitivity analysis of computer simulators
    2011 WNAR/IMS Meeting, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (June 2011).
  • A Bayesian nonparametric modeling approach for developmental toxicology data
    2010 Summer Program on Semiparametric Bayesian Inference: Applications in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, SAMSI (July 2010).
  • Nonparametric mixture modeling for Poisson processes
    CRiSM workshop on Model Uncertainty, University of Warwick, U.K. (June 2010).
  • Nonparametric Bayesian inference under stochastic order constraints, with an application in epidemiology
    Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (February 2010).
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