Shouqian Shi

Second year PhD student at UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz) in Computer Networking.

About Me

I'm a first year PhD student at UCSC, working on the subject of Computer Networking.

I got my B.S. degree in Applied Physics and B.E. degree in Computer Science from USTC in 2014.

I enjoy reasoning. I have high-level analytical skills which have been already applied to every corner of my work and my life.

"Practices always go with concepts" and "Do the best" are my mottoes.

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Computer Engineering, Ph.D. Student

University of California, Santa Cruz

Computer Science, Postgraduate View Transcript

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Weighted Average Grade: 88.4, Major Courses: 90.8, No ranking data available

Computer Science(B.E.) View Diploma View Transcript

University of Science and Technology of China

Weighted Average Grade: 89.2, No ranking data available

Applied Physics (B.S.) View Diploma View Transcript

University of Science and Technology of China

Weighted Average Grade: 91.2, Ranking: Top 5%, the 12th of 272 students

National College Entrance Exam

Shandong Province, China

Grade: 675 / 750, Ranking: Top 0.04%, the 280th of 660,000 students

Research & Work Experience

Ph.D. Student - UCSC (Aug.2017 - Now)

Computer Networking, advised by Chen Qian

Postgraduate - CASIA (Sep.2014 - Jun.2017)

Heterogeneous Computing, advised by Lei Wang

The first year of my postgraduate education is spent on all kinds of courses, and as a Direct Ph.D. student in CAS, I must take much more credits than those Master students to directly gain a Ph.D. degree.

I made a driver for MaPU (a not well-known coprocessor) and its corresponding user library during this period.

The ultimate aim is to port OpenCL to ARM-MaPU heterogeneous system while providing a user-friendly interface programming on MaPU.

More details can be found on MaPU-gem5 and MaPU-driver.

B.S. Thesis at CASIA (Apr.2014 - Aug.2014) Download Thesis

Design and Implementation of An Entropy Decoding Module of High-Definition Videos, supervised by Ling Li

I made an RTL description of an H.264 entropy decoder cooperating with MaPU, and it has passed the full series of official test cases and was patented ( A zero-order exponential Columbo code decoder and decoding method and CAVLC entropy decoder and entropy decoding method) by my lab.

Note: "石守谦" is my Chinese name, which you can find at the inventor lists after my professor and supervisor.

Sorry for the absence of the translation of the whole thesis and patents.

B.E. Thesis at USTC (Oct.2013 - Jan.2014) View Source Download Thesis

The Primary Exploration of A Configurable Intelligent Game System, supervised by Guiquan Liu

I independently designed and implemented a framework of chess-like games and an artificial intelligent engine that can be adapted to many popular chess types including Chinese Chess, Gobang and Chinese Draughts, with very little efforts (assumed at the level of 200 lines of code).

My original work is highly appraised by my supervisor Mr. Liu and he graded me 98 out of 100.

Because of the complexity of the chess "Go", I didn't manage to define an appropriate evaluation function of it.

Sorry for the absence of the translation of the whole thesis and absence of the readme file.

Co-Founder & Chief Developer (Part-time) - Jining Little Dream Electronic Technology Ltd. (Mar.2016 - Now)

We are committed to the development of automotive electronics research and tools in China and to boost the growth of Chinese automotive industry by providing tools and full-life-cycle solutions for functional safety development, hardware in the loop test and AUTOSAR software development under V model.

Research Assistant - SoC lab in USTC (2012 - 2014)

I participated in the independent development of a graphics card in the SoC lab, which included porting OpenGL and RTL design. Now this work is applied to the production environment, and my old fellows are working hard in their newly-founded company -- Suzhou Suxianwei Electronic Technology Ltd.


Latest Projects


MaPU-gem5 is a simulator of MaPU with cycle-level precision. MaPU-gem5 is adapted from the open-source project gem5. While inheriting the bus system, memory model and debug system from gem5, MaPU-gem5 extended the support for the MaPU specific features such as microcode, private DMA, VLIW and multi-core.

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A Linux driver to provide methods to transfer data between MaPU private memory and DDR memory under the control of Linux. Our lab has suffered long from the absence of an OS running on the SoC, and have to manage every corner of the process of loading data, parsing ELF files and loading segments to their designated places, control the life cycle of the MaPU program launch. The driver is fully designed and implemented by myself, providing a reliable way to exchange data and control the MaPU programs' life cycle.

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Quantitative-Analysis - Designed for the Stock Dealers View Source

Having a spider and an LALR(1) front-end embedded, this tool helps stock dealers update stock data and get a list of stocks that meet his or her need in seconds. Well integrated with Chinese prevailing browse tools such as TongDaXin and EastMoney, it is easy to adopt it in your deal.

Though ugly-looking, it has played an important role in the stock deal of one of my richest friends who has earn a profit of at least RMB 3000,000, which is about $440,794.

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Two Radar Control Tools

I was once introduced to an aerospace research institute and help them to build two control and visualization tools, for a ground penetrating radar to locate resources or detect oil pipeline damage under the ground and an indoor radar to locate the position of a working device or people.

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SimpleRISC - A trivial RISC CPU View Source

An optional coursework of one of my favorite class -- High-Performance Computer Systems, lectured by Weiwu Hu, the chief engineer of Loongson. Though very simple with the absence of the executing out-of-order feature and the memory access feature and a very simple ISA, this simple "CPU" implementation employs a full featured in-order pipeline, which is very useful in understanding the essence of the superscalar feature of modern CPU micro-architecture design.

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Other Projects

Java Repackage View Source

A light-weight while smart way to add a preprocessing feature to some "neat" language without a preprocessing step such as Java and XML, to facilitate the porting to different deploy environments.

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scruin View Source

Get rid of the annoying and harmful screen light at a light-less environment and enjoy work on Android devices!

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RSAJJ View Source

A standard compatible implementation of RSA encryption and signature library on both the front end and the back end of the web

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