Sri Kurniawan

Professor, Computational Media and Computer Engineering departments, University of California Santa Cruz Baskin School of Engineering
Engineering 2, room 331, Mailstop: SOE 3
Ph: +1 (831) 459-1037, Fax: +1 (831) 459-4829
Email:skurnia (at)


Very briefly, my research focuses on the design and evaluation of interactive systems that help people with special needs, including older persons, people from third world countries, those with low socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and people with disabilities and children.
My research lab is called home, which stands for Interactive Systems for Individuals with Special Needs.
Details of my publications and funded grants are in the Research page.

The flexible CAVE is ready for action. Contact me if you can think of something we can work together on an exciting project that uses it.


Details of courses I am teaching and some past teaching awards are in the Teaching page.

Scholarly Activities

I lumped together my involvement in panels, the talks and keynote speeches I was invited to, and other research community activities in the Scholarly Activities page.

Updated Jan 15, 2016