Scott Rad

Contact information:
phone: (310) 890-8477

About Me

I have a passion for the digital age. From creating and automating robots, to developing apps. During my tenure at UCSC, I want to accrue as much information as humanly possible. Taking classes from diverse fields in the SOE. I want to work on robotics projects pushing what is known in robotics. Im not sure on exactly what my research will be, but I have a few ideas in mind.

Research Interests

During my time as a undergrad, my main interests where in automating bioengineering equipment 1 , 2 . Currently my interests have changed drastically. I have become fascinated with recent advances in magnets. Specifically in the IP developed by a company called CMR. With this technology, you can create magnets that have interesting properties . I think that they might have applications in robotics.


Like my research interests, my hobbies have been extremely eclectic over the years. I have been practicing Tae Kwan Doe for the past 15 years. More recently, I have gained a interest in motorcycling.


Currently I am working on a autonomous farming robot under a startup named Deeplook. We are combining deep convolutional neural networks and computer vision into a robust robotic platform to automate farm work, in hopes of alleviating the current deficit of workers in the US.