Sonali Suri

Pursuings MS in CS at UCSC. Full stack developer working in Python, SQL and on UI.


I am a graduate student at University of California, Santa Cruz and completed my undergrad in Bachelor's of Engineering- Information Technology. I really enjoy providing robust software solutions. I’ve have an industry experience of 3 years and was last working at Indus Valley Partners as a Software Engineer.
I have been working on Web Applications which uses tech stack like .NET/MVC, AngularJs, HTML5, JS.,API's . I have also completed an internship as an android developer at Revert Technologies where I have worked on messaging apps and another internship as a Winter intern at L&T where again I was working on web applications. I am always looking forward to new technology advancements as I feel knowledge is something that keeps on increasing with learning.

Bill Split application project

Bill split application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript which performs functionalities like add/edit users and bills

Portfolio feed status monitoring dashboard project

Dashboard for monitoring portfolio feed status determing if the tasks were completed or not using React JS, Material design, HTML5/ CSS3.

Stock market Trend project

Stock market trend analysis system analyzing the data of the past 25 years using Python (Flask and SQLite3)