May 1, 2015

Bio-Sensor Board and iPhone App


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.28.16 PMProject SummaryBioSensor Hardware - New Page 2

A handheld battery-operated wireless voltage-clamp amplifier capable of connecting to either a computer or a smart phone through wi-fi  for detecting water and blood contamination (e.g. proteins, antibodies, DNA).

A portable bio-sensor such as this, creates the opportunity for physicians to use this device as a typical tool to test the amount of different substances in patients’ blood in every visit. Also, it allows the patients to routinely and easily use this sensor using their own iOS enabled device, or computer and upload their measurements to the cloud where their physician can have access to that information and provide feedback as necessary.


The main communication protocol between the user device and the sensor is Wi-Fi which works with the underlying FTP protocol to safety and rapidly transfer the measurements to the user device.


My Responsibilities:

  • Designed the firmware for the on-board PIC32
  • Programmed a communication protocol over WiFi and FTP
  • Developed the corresponding iPhone App for initiating, viewing, storing, and emailing the measurements.

Skills Required:  Objective C, C, Embedded Systems, iOS Development, PIC32, MPLab X IDE, XCode,

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