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Research Journal: Day 6

Blog 1: Draw a Graph of South American Countries

First, read this page:

Second, use MS Paint to make a COLORED graphs (map) of South American countries.

Write about your graph activity from Friday, and describe what graph coloring is from your own understanding.

Give examples of 3 vertices and 4 vertices coloring (from the spaghetti activity). What was the least number of colors for each graph.

Blog 2: Write about each question

Put photos. Use Google.

  • What is an assembler?
  • What is an Arduino?
  • What is the Traveling Sales Person Problem? (we did not cover this in class)
  • What is Pre-Fix notation?
  • What are the leaves of a binary tree?
  • What is a complete graph?
  • What is a Finite State Machine (FSM)?

Blog 3: Your Projects

Write about your projects from Friday, if you haven't yet. Use pictures.


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