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SPCS - Day 2

  • Row 1: Tony, Akane, Nidhi, Jerry, Caelen
  • Row 2: Christine, Joyce, Rahul, Vrinda, Jonathan, Jannani

Afternoon Teams: 3 (Rahul, Sindhu, Jannani), 3 (Tony, Vrinda), 2 (Akane, Jon), 2 (Nidhi, Rohan), 2 (Jerry, Olivia), 3 (Caelen, Neel), 1 (Christine, Jonathan), 1 (Joyce, Maxine)


  • History of Computing - slides
  • Mathematics
    • Bit Manipulation
    • Base Conversion
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Group Discussion
    • Easiest way to design this experience
    • What is the most clever way to design this
    • What is a more technologically advanced way to design this
  • Lock Activity


Note: ALL blog posts and pages must have at least 1 image

Note: Don't forget to log out

Part 1 - gh-pages: Please make your quiz playable on github

Deliverable: I want to be able to play your game from github.

You must use the gh-pages branch!

Part 2 - Blog: mathquiz

Deliverable: Write up a brief summary (with screenshots) of your mathquiz project from yesterday.

Please link to the playable product. It should look like:

Use the snipping tool for screenshots:

Part 3 - Blog: add your github page to you wordpress

Deliverable: Adding a link to the bottom of your “Connect” page

The link to your “Connect” page should look like

Part 3 - JS Interactive Fiction (Team Project)

Deliverable: Playable interactive fiction

Teams: (Rahul, Sindhu, Jannani), (Tony, Vrinda), (Akane, Jon), (Nidhi, Rohan), (Jerry, Olivia), (Caelen, Neel), (Christine, Jonathan), (Joyce, Maxine)

Work with your partner(s) on this part!

  • Read Chapter 2 in the Cookbook. (or do whatever will help you learn these concepts.)
  • Have one person create the Repository
  • After you have the example running, Add your partner as a COLLABORATOR


Always get the simplest version running first.

Design Challenge: Interactive Fiction (Team)

  • Your interactive fiction (IF) must be loosely about the history of computers
    • Look up some dates or key figures on Google. I'm the client and I want to learn something!
  • Feel free to include dinosaurs, pirates, ninjas, or any fantasy/sci-fi elements
  • There is no limit on levels of absurdity, but I must learn something about computer history
  • Please try to make or find your own art, if you have time.

Individual Feedback

Finally!! Don't forget to fill out your ANONYMOUS feedback form:

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