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Final Projects



Part 1: Blog a Thank You to Bret Victor

Please write a post about the coolest thing you learned from Bret. Include a picture of something.

You must do this or Mousey will be sad. DO IT!

Part 2: Blogging and Mousey Sprite

Make a Mousey Sprite and write about your experiences these past three weeks. What you learned.. etc. Put Mousey in your blog post.

Blog away. Try to record your memories and things you want to remember!


Part 3: Read and Comment on each other's blogs!!!

Part 4: Interactive Fiction about RoJon and Johon

Learn how to use the Twine program with PICTURES. Include Mousey, if you can.

Part 5: Github!

Fork all the projects you had any part in. Fork any project you thought was interesting. You can continue other people's projects!!!

Make sure all your files are together with your project. It makes life easier later down the road.


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