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Part 1: Blog a Thank You to Bret Victor

Please write a post about the coolest thing you learned from Bret. Include a picture of something.

You must do this or Mousey will be sad.

Part 2: Blog anything about the Computer History Museum



Make sure your presentation contains the following:

  • What is your prototype about?
  • What will people learn from your experience?
  • Will it be interactive or is it something people will watch?
  • If interactive, what can the user do?
  • How would your design fit in with the Exploratorium?
  • Draw a diagram that explains how your prototype works.
  • Are there any existing systems that are similar to yours? Name and link them.

Also include descriptions of the:

  • Easy Version
  • Clever Version
  • Advanced Version

Finally, indicate who had which roles (a team member can be more than one, let them pick):

  • Designer
  • Programmer
  • Artist

Remember, ALL project files, design docs, art assets, source code, ANY FILE related to the project goes into Github. Mousey wants to see it all!

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