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SPCS - Day 11

Free Seating

Choose your own groups!



Part 0: Friday's Projects

Please blog Friday's projects.

Part 1: Culture Blogging

Read these 2 quick articles…

Pick one that is most interesting to you. Write a quick blog post about the significance of the reading.

Part 2: Processing Seurat

In processing, write a program that paints images like this:

Part 3: Tic Tac Toe AI

Make me a game where you play the computer. (It doesn't have to be Tic Tac Toe).

These are the two constraints for Tic Tac Toe.

  1. X always goes first
  2. Computer is always X

Start with the “Random” AI first. Then try to make it smarter.

Part 4: JavaScript - RPG


or make a “Thanks” Processing Project (Like we talked about in class).


Don't worry about design docs, we will do those tomorrow.

Tomorrow's class will be at the Computer Lab.

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