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SPCS - Day 2

  • Row 1: Andrew, Ellie, Emily, Mei-Ling, Zuri, Ed

Afternoon Teams: (Jeni, Raymond), (Penny, Fang), (Will, Alix), (Anastasia, Andrew), (Emily, Ed), (Mei-Ling, Jove), (Ellie, Float), (Clair, Angel, Zuri)



Note: ALL blog posts and pages must have at least 1 image

Note: Don't forget to log out

Part 0 - Is your blog listed here?

Part 1 - gh-pages: Please make your quiz playable on github

Deliverable: I want to be able to play your game/quiz from github.

You must use the gh-pages branch!

Part 2 - Blog: mathquiz

Deliverable: Write up a brief summary (with screenshots) of your mathquiz project from yesterday.

Please link to the playable product. It should look like:

Use the snipping tool for screenshots:

Part 3 - Blog: add your github page to your wordpress Connect page

Deliverable: Adding a link to the bottom of your “Connect” page

The link to your “Connect” page should look like

Part 3 - JS Interactive Fiction (Team Project)

Deliverable: Playable interactive fiction

Afternoon Teams: (Jeni, Raymond), (Penny, Fang), (Will, Alix), (Anastasia, Andrew), (Emily, Ed), (Mei-Ling, Jove), (Ellie, Float), (Clair, Angel, Zuri)

Work with your partner(s) on this part!

  • Look through Chapter 2 in the Cookbook. (or do whatever will help you learn these concepts.)
  • Have one person create the Repository
  • After you have the example running, Add your partner as a COLLABORATOR


Always get the simplest version running first. Afterwards, have your partner FORK the project, so they have a running version of it for themselves.

Design Challenge: Interactive Fiction (Team)

  • Your interactive fiction (IF) must be loosely about the history of computers
    • Look up some dates or key figures on Google. I'm the user and I want to learn something!
  • Feel free to include dinosaurs, pirates, ninjas, or any fantasy/sci-fi elements
  • There is no limit on levels of absurdity, but I must learn something about computer history
  • Please try to make or find your own art, if you have time.
  • Extra Bonus: If you can figure out how to add more slides to the IF (look at the index.html)

If you finish early, or would like to work on something else, feel free to fork the 2048 game and try to make your own version of it!

Individual Feedback

Finally!! Don't forget to fill out your ANONYMOUS feedback form:

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