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Afternoon Groups: (Fang, Penny) (Float, Emily) (Ellie, Alix) (Jove, Mei, Anastasia) (Andrew, Jeni) (Will, Raymond) (Clair, Zuri) (Angel, Ed)



Part 1: Blog all your past projects!

I noticed many people didn't blog their Arduino project. You should write at least one post about what an Arduino is or what you did.


Spend 15 minutes today commenting on everyone's blog. Constructively compliment or argue with them!

Part 3: Cellular Automata


  • Draw a grid of 9×9
  • Create a 2D array of bits
  • Make the grid change from color to white when you click
  • Update the 2D array to do this


  • Create rules for overcrowding, dying, and birthing
  • try to program this into your grid
  • You may want a way to pause the grid after every cycle
  • Remember that you will need two 2D arrays, one for BEFORE and one for AFTER (Buffer Array!)


  • See if you can make the grid bigger than 9×9

Bonus: if you are done early, try A* from last Thursday.

Part 3: Final Proposal

Each person must blog their agreed upon final project proposal. Each blog must have its own proposal, which will also be the DESIGN DOCUMENT. Use Powerpoint to make images to describe your prototype.

Make sure your proposal contains the following:

  • What is your prototype about?
  • What will people learn from your experience?
  • Will it be interactive or is it something people will watch?
  • If interactive, what can the user do?
  • How would your design fit in with the Exploratorium?
  • Draw a diagram that explains how your prototype works.
  • Are there any existing systems that are similar to yours? Name and link them.

Also include descriptions of the:

  • Easy Version
  • Clever Version
  • Advanced Version

Finally, indicate who has which roles (a team member can be more than one, let them pick):

  • Designer
  • Programmer
  • Artist

Remember, ALL project files, design docs, art assets, source code, ANY FILE related to the project goes into Github.

Part 4: Gold Stars

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